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Company Introduction
Alliance Safety & Security Services Sdn. Bhd. [formerly known as Alliance Safety Management Services Sdn. Bhd established in 1992), is an experienced Safety, Health, Environment & Security (SHES) training and services provider. ASMS is an Approved Training Provider under Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad with Class “A” status (PSMB / HRDF), for SBL / SBL Khas Scheme.

ASMS is also registered with the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) and an Associate with Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM), Malaysia Employers Federation (MEF), Malaysian Integrated Occupational Safety & Health (MIOSH), National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP), International Association of Emergency Managers – Asia Council (IAEM), International Association for Preparedness and Response (DERA), Oil & Gas Safety Council (OGSC), ICC Compliance Centre (ICC) and the International Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO] Training Directory.

ASMS has an extensive pool of Qualified and Experienced Consultants & Trainers who have ‘Hands-on’ experience in lecturing at all sectors which includes Corporate, MNC’s & SMI’s. ASMS services covers the manufacturing, ports, oil & gas, hospitality & resorts, rubber, plastics, metal, petrochemical, construction, plantation, restaurants & service industries and is fully equipped with the latest standards and practices under the OHSAS 45001, OSH-MS 1722:2003 standards, OSHA 2022, American Heart Association (AHA), Environmental Quality Act 1974 & ASMS Security Standards 2005.

ASMS is currently working along the IMP4 (Malaysia’s Third Industrial Master Plan (2020 ~ 2025) with potential to be developed into competitive industry clusters or groups like: Electrical & Electronics; Chemicals (petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals); Textiles & Apparel; Transportation (automotive, motorcycle, marine, aerospace); Materials (polymers, metals, composites, ceramics); Machinery & Equipment; Resource-based (wood, rubber, palm oil, cocoa); Agro-based (fish/fish products, livestock/livestock products, fruits, vegetables, floriculture).

ASMS’s training facility is fully equipped with the latest Audio /Video aids and has a sitting capacity of 50 participants. It is also equipped with the latest books on Acts & Regulations and with a wide range of reference books in our library and also with Internet Broadband & Wi-Fi facilities. ASMS has a panel of highly experienced and qualified consultants and trainers to assist any organizations to meet with the SHES standards & regulations.

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